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About us

Holistic Marketing & Communications™ was established in 2013, to revolutionize the field of marketing and communications. Our firm creates strategic business programs and integrated marketing plans for a solid competitive advantage, generating and sustaining unique platforms. Holistic has the infrastructure to build innovative proprietary products and events, identify and link resources with needs, provide services to develop initiatives and look for appropriate niches. If you are passionate about your target niche, work with us! You can count on our creative talent to give you the focus, the know-how, and the can do it attitude to help you soar.

Holistic Marketing 360⁰ Ecosystem

First, we think…

We do the research, identify key values, and link these with sources. We define strategy and consulting for communications: media plans, advertising and public relations.

Then, make it happen…

We love to do new product development, special events management, business-incubator platform and content-marketing strategies.

We can get inside people's minds!

Our Calling

Providing to our partners the strategic solutions for their needs; making the company, service, event or product remarkable; in a human, creative and digital environment. We want your brand to impact its target, and become an unforgettable experience for our partners.

Our Dream

We understand the market, what people need and feel; and we dare to overcome the biggest competitors on behalf of our partners. Our vision is to be the business preferred by the Hispanic market and Puerto Rico companies, for the innovation of our programs and platforms, not only for the results, but also for the professionalism, humanity and values that define our work and our relationship with our partners.

Special Event Management

We have the logistics,
organization and most importantly,
outstanding resources,
that will make your event a success.

New Product Development

Innovation and solutions begin here.
We are in this business to help people.

Business Incubator Platforms

We create and develop original
new businesses, products, services,
and new offerings for existing businesses.

Content Marketing Strategies

We focus on creating
useful and educational content, and increasing
customer loyalty
and organic traffic
to your brand.


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